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Dottie’s Office GossipDottieHeadshoCROPt

Hello, everyone!!! Those of you who only know me as “that lady who sits out by the potted plants” may be surprised to find out that I am now a blogger! It’s true!!!

Well, it’s very exciting, and of course Mr. Newrite signed off on the whole idea, so I’m sharpening my “word processor” skills and just letting things flow! (Of course, Mr. Newrite can’t actually “sign off” on anything now, but he grunts like a much younger man, and he grunted off on this almost as quickly as when we hired that redheaded girl from Argentina to open his mail, even though he doesn’t get any except shampoo samples and come-ons from crooked politicians. I swear, they’re worse than charities!

But any who, this “newsletter” should be a won-der-ful chance to share things around the company, and get to know each other, even better than we might want to. {keep reading}

Let’s Make $ome MONEY Together

Here’s where the United States Patent and Trademark Office looks for “use in commerce.” Let’s initiate some.$100,000 bill



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We’ll replace it soon with something worth reading. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. We’ll replace it soon, you can count on that. My sister sells seashells down by he seashore. We’re going to replace this whole block of text. SO DON”T BRING IT UP AGAIN. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hey, are the lights blinking? Wait, it was just an AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH




 Today’s Feature from NEWRITE’s pre-HD Dept.

Also available in vivid VHS, Beta, or Quadraphonic 8-Track LaserDisk. Material may be inaccessible in Canada.

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