$100,000 bill

INVEST? Our SEO button says to put this word first or the light won’t turn green. Okay, that did it.

Now, on with the pitch.

NEWRITE, Inc. is a long-established (30-year) creative and media firm, founded in New York City, headquartered now in Chicago, and active around the globe. In fact, we’re out of breath.

Unlike other entrepreneurial companies developing crank-your-own gelato kiosks or a vacuum embedded in pets, NEWRITE offers creative investors key participation in viable, high-return projects on media’s leading edge.

NEWRITE works in today’s undertapped arenas – audio widecasting, like RadioShmadio®audiobooks like award-winning Happiness for Beginners, and  live multimedia productions such as Garry Lee Wright was a Baby Boomer. This run-on sentence makes us a great partner for your own entrepreneurial portfolio.

Ideas make money – in fact, nothing has more potential in this economy – and we make ideas. You’ll read, see, and hear samples of our intriguing, innovative projects and pursuits throughout this website. Then, let’s talk about your ideas.

We’re eager to meet with serious individuals (meaning “driven” – a sense of humor helps around here) and capital-involved entities looking to invest for substantial return and possible equity participation in our corner of the creative arena.

We may also have fun together. Please drop us a note for a confidential prospectus or whatever else you can think of.

Or just take a break and make money the easy way.


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