Take our NEWRITE quiz – find out as much as possible.


1.   T /  F   NEWRITE, Inc. was founded in 1983 in New York City, organized as an Illinois corporation in 2003.


2.   T / F    The company was originally known as “Excelsior Escorts”


3.   T / F    NEWRITE creates, produces, and operates cool intellectual properties in three media: audio, publishing, and live performance.


4.   T / F    We make mouthwash.


5.   T / F   In 2013, NEWRITE was granted a registered trademark for RadioShmadio® by the USPTO.


6.   T / F    USPTO stands for “Under Stress, Pulled Toupee Off”


7.   T / F    Happiness for Beginners, in paper and ebook from NEWRITE (audiobook coming soon) rates 4 stars on Amazon.


8.   T / F    Jeff Bezos calls us in the middle of the night, drunk.


 9.   T / F    America’s Most Optimistic Company is too long for a hat.


10.  T / F    The firm was exonerated in that nuisance lawsuit involving an unnamed Hollywood studio and a kangaroo.


11.  T / F    NEWRITE’s founders paid $50 for a quick graffiti logo and got a 3-year-old to draw the sun for free.


12.  T / F    98.6 % of our operating budget goes for prescription medication and room service.


13.  T / F    NEWRITE’s creators have produced shows from the Portage Theater to the Waldorf-Astoria.


14.  T / F    NEWRITE is Middle English for “next bog over.”




Scoring: Odd numbers are true, as is so often the case. Thanks for playing along. Direct actual questions, serious or not, to NEWRITE, Inc.





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