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Dottie’s Office Gossip – Dec 2014

Dottie @ NEWRITE, Inc.

Hello again everybody, and you know who you are!!!

It’s holiday time again, although I’m not sure if I can use the word “holiday” but we’re all excited about the Seasonal Interfaith Bring a Covered Dish and Ask About Somebody Else’s Religion Powwow that Phyllis in the HR department dreamed up. I’m making my famous Velveeta filbert log and a glitter donkey. Be there or be square!

Employee of the Month goes to Madge in accounting, who not only has to keep track of all that end-of-year tax junk and our minimum-wage violations, but takes such good care of everybody. Like when Louis who drives the van announced that he was changing his name to Peace 365, it took Madge six months to straighten out his paychecks, but she didn’t complain a bit!

If you were around last week you probably saw the fire trucks. Max in sales was reading about “drones” – they’re these little things that fly around and they look creepy if you ask me – but he thought they could drop off some Omaha Steaks or something for the clients, and he and that kid with the Mohawk were testing one out in the parking lot and I guess they lost control because it started buzzing the building.

Well, Tony the guard – he’s a hunter, which comes in pretty handy out there at the front gate – had his bow with him, but it was real windy that day and he used up all his arrows without hitting anything (except some woman who was walking by — she was pretty ticked so they gave her some steaks) but luckily that kid with the Mohawk happened to have a shotgun under his coat and he nailed that little sucker right before it wiped out Mr. Fenster’s car. Nice shooting, guys!

I swear, the holidays keep you hopping.

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